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The CEF Gaudeamus Student Association – Timişoara Veterinary Medicine Branch is a division of the CEF Gaudeamus NGO created for students of the English and French sections of the USVT Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.


The mission of our association is to unite USVT veterinary students from both the English and French sections across all academic years. We aim to foster a sense of community through a diverse range of events spanning sports, culture, and professional development. Our goal is to support every student, with a keen focus on easing the transition for newcomers into our vibrant community.

Throughout the academic year, our association curates a variety of events designed to enrich student life. These include welcoming activities for new students, competitive tournaments, sports events, insightful conferences, networking opportunities for professional growth, and excursions that showcase the beauty of Romania and its rich cultural tapestry. Our themed evenings, such as Halloween, movie nights, and dance parties, infuse campus life with energy, offering students a chance to unwind and forge lasting connections beyond the classroom.

We believe that true education extends beyond the classroom walls, and our activities are designed to complement your academic journey with real-world experiences and learning. Every member brings something unique to our community, and together, we create a mosaic of talents, interests, and cultures that enrich our collective experience. As we continue to expand our offerings and reach within the student body, we invite you to be an active participant, to contribute your ideas, and to help shape the future of our association. This inclusivity and active engagement are what propel us forward, making every moment spent with us an opportunity for growth, learning, and unforgettable experiences.

Membership grants access to an array of clubs catering to a wide range of interests. Whether you’re passionate about sports (Rugby, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Football, etc.), leisure activities (Cinema, Board games, Creative arts, Reading, Theater, Music, Role playing, etc.), or seeking exclusive educational opportunities, our association is your gateway to a fulfilling university experience.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated student volunteers whose efforts make these clubs and events possible year-round.

This year, we are proud to welcome 259 new members into our fold. Join us and be part of something extraordinary. Together, we create memories, pursue passions, and build a supportive network. Your journey with us is just beginning.

By joining our association, you’re not just becoming part of a group; you’re embracing a journey of personal and professional growth, surrounded by peers who share your enthusiasm and ambitions. Our events serve as a vibrant platform for cultural exchange, allowing you to immerse yourself in diverse perspectives and forge friendships that span the globe.



Current Office 2023/2024  – Student from the 2022-2028 promotion

Cléa Pacaud – President, 2Y FR
Antonin Landeau – Vice President, 2Y FR
Lucie Joncour – Secretary, 2Y FR
Onis Mahfi Zatovic – Treasurer, 2Y FR
Fiona Buirette – Vice Treasurer, 2Y FR

Former Office 2022/2023  – Student from the 2021-2027 promotion

Maela Keruzore – Président, 3Y FR
Vice President, 3Y EN
Albane Scherer – Secretary, 3Y FR
Solène Guilhot – Vice Secretary 3Y FR
Emilie Deghaye – Treasurer, 3Y FR
Marie Routier – Vice Treasurer, 3Y FR

Former Office 2021/2022  – Student from the 2020-2026 promotion

Mathieu Blin  – Président, 4Y FR
Vice President, 4Y FR
Louise Paccou  – Secretary, 4Y EN
Louise Bouet – Vice Secretary 4Y FR
Aurélie Guercio – Treasurer, 4Y FR
Vanille Audet – Vice Treasurer, 4Y FR


SPORT clubs

Maelle Gouhier, head of the sport hub , 2Y FR

Marion Facqueur, head of the sport hub and basketball coach, 3Y FR

You want to lose the little belly you grew this summer ? No more ice cream and pizzas, today it’s Yoga ! I’m Marion, basketball player since I’m little, I love to play and with Maëlle it’s more you eat or you sleep with sometimes a little bit of sport. The two of us with the coaches’ help, we can offer you many different clubs : volleyball, rugby, cheerleading, basketball, foot, running, … There’s something for everyone. So no more peanuts, come and put your sneakers with us.


Guilhem Di Santo, Volleyball Coach 3Y FR
My name is Antoine, I am French and I study veterinary medicine in the English section. I played several sports in clubs and on my own throughout my studies. Since I arrived in Timisoara I have tried to invest as much as possible in different sports. Responsible for the sports department last year, this year I am coaching volleyball with my friend Guilhem.

Antoine Lhomet, Volleyball Coach 3Y EN
My name is Guilhem, I am a veterinary student in the French section. I have always done a lot of sports. In addition, my family has always played volleyball, even at a high level, so since I was young I have been immersed in this incredible world.

If you want to discover volleyball, join us! Thanks to the teachers we have access to the gymnasium during the winter, the rest of the year we play outside.  Several tournaments are also organized during the year ranging from 2vs2 to 6vs6 so sign up!

For students who want to train on weekends, please follow the Facebook icon bellow.  

cheerleader club

Marine Burvelle, Cheer Coach 4Y EN
Antonin Jusserandot, Cheer Coach 3Y EN
Clara Froger, Cheer Coach 3Y EN

Our cheerleader club exists since October 2022. We are a mixed group of 40 cheerleaders who perform at various sporting/festive events along the year. Our main objective is to create a show mixing dance acrobatics and visual effects. We are mainly preparing a show for the REVER, a meeting for French veterinary students expatriated in Romania, which takes place once a year. This event is an inter-faculty competition. We are also present at events organized by the university such as the 24 hours of sports, the princess cross country or the SCM USV Timisoara rugby matches. The training sessions are supervised by Marine Burvelle, Antonin Jusserandot and Clara Froger, and requires above all cohesion and team work. We would be very happy to show what we can do at your sporting events. 


Mathieu Blin, Rugby Coach, 4Y FR

My name is Mathieu BLIN, I am 25 years old and I am in my 4th year of Veterinary Medicine in the french section. I started playing Rugby at the age of 10 and I played for the same club for 9 years, especially as an inside centre (n.12). I coach the AEMVT-Gaudeamus men’s and women’s teams since last year and I play as a scrum-half (n.9) in the men’s team. Last May, we won the competition during the REVER against the students of Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Iasi. As well as I wished to play again, I wanted to help other students to discover this sport in which everyone can reveal themselves ! A successful gamble among french students because we are approximatively 40 people at each training session, every Saturday morning. I hope that student Rugby will continue to grow in order to consider futures matches with other faculties or universities !


Axel Higonnet, Tennis Coach, 3Y FR
Janice Godiard, Tennis Coach, 3Y FR

Tennis is really a tough sport. It’s very technical and it takes time to start making exchanges with someone else. It’s for motivated, stubborn, people who like persevering in difficulty. If you think, you match to the description overhead, come join us! We accept all levels from beginners to advanced people. When you reach a good level, tennis is very appreciable. In one hand it could be a competitive sport and the other hand it could be a way out of your daily routine inasmuch as you will clear your mind and free negative tension. Tennis doesn’t need strength, it’s much more cardio that means you will sweat a lot and be winded. It’s suitable for joints since it’s not too much traumatic, especially on clay court that absorbs impacts. Last year, we organise one tournament between April and May. We thank the coaches Petru and Narcis to let us play freely on the court and to afford us the equipment needed to play tennis. It’s very pleasant to work and to make sport with them.


Antoine Fadas, Basketball Coach 3Y RO
Marion Facqueur, Basketball Coach, 3Y FR

My name is Antoine, I am 20 years old, basketball is a passion for me, I was lucky enough to play it for 5 years and to be able to play several matches and tournaments.What I like about this sport is this pressure that you can feel when you are in the fourth quarter and the fact of being able to control the ball as you want.

My name is Marion, I am 22 years old and I am coach for the basketball club. I started playing basketball at the age of 6 in France and I was able to reach the regional level and some national matches during my basketball years.


Hakim Gana, Football Coach 3Y AGRO
Lisa Augeray , Football Coach 4Y FR



Vanille Audet, Head of hub and role-playing club, 4Y FR
Aurélie Guercio, Head of hub and role-playing club, 4Y FR
Guilhem Di Santo, Head of the role-playing club, 3Y FR
Marie Texier, Head of the role-playing club, 1Y EN

We are Aurélie and Vanille and we are the hobbies hub for this year. Role-playing games, board games, creative arts, cinema, literature and so on ! If these activities speak to you or if you want to discover all this with people who are in the same state of mind of relaxation and good humor as you, do not hesitate to join us ! And then who knows, maybe see you very soon in one of our activities!

theater club

Chloé Gautier, Head of the Theater Club, 3Y EN

My name is Chloé, I am a veterinary medicine student in the French section. I love theater and comedy, I’m happy to be able to share that with those who want it!

Elodie Georgescu, Head of the Theater Club, 4Y FR

cinema club

Victor Certain,Head of the cinema club, 4Y FR
Matheo Grunevald, Head of the cinema club, 4Y FR
Astrid Fontaine,Head of the cinema club, 4Y FR
Lisa Ferrandis, Head of the cinema club, 2Y FR

board games

Mélodie Manak, Head of the board games club, 2Y FR

My name is Mélodie Manak. I study veterinary medicine in the French section. I want to organize board game evenings so that all the students share funny moments and they meet each other.

genealogy club

Charles Franjou, Head of the genealogy club, 2Y FR

travel hub

Lucie Petitprez, Division Manager, 2Y FR

The travel hub is represented by Lucie this year. Bivouac, hiking, youth hostel, and discoveries are on the program. She will show you the best places to visit in Romania!


Louise Blonsky, DivisionManager, 2Y FR

Louise is the photograph of the association. Thanks to her and her camera we get to keep pretty memories from all the association’s events.

party hub

Eva Lapouille, Division Manager, 2Y EN
Antoine Fadas, Division Manager, 3Y RO

I’m Eva and with Antoine I will represent the party hub for the up coming year. I hope you enjoy dancing, singing and laughing because many parties are planned, such as theme nights, beer pong, movie nights and many more!

Happiness and laughter are required to enter!

communication HUB

Estelle Couillard, Division Manager, 2Y EN
Clémence Auberge, Division Manager, 3Y FR
Joséphine Monnet, Division Manager, 3Y FR

We are Joséphine, Estelle and Clémence and we are the communication hub for this year. Our role is to share all the information about the association on our social media. Make sure to follow us so you don’t miss any information about the upcoming event!

pro-tutoring hub

Elise Welsch, Division Manager, 2Y FR
Maxime Le Dréan, Division Manager, 2Y FR
Antonin Landeau, Division Manager, 2Y FR
We are Maxime, Elise and Antonin and we are representing the Pro-Tutoring Hub this year. We summup courses and make notes and quizzes to help students revise. We also organize “Tuto Quizz” evenings open to all students to check our knowledge in good spirits and we share and organize conferences in English and French.

rever HUB

Emilie Degaye, Division Manager, 3Y FR
My name is Emilie Deghaye. I’m 23 and I’m in my 3rd year of veterinary medicine in the French section. This year, I’m delighted to be a member of the REVER general organization team.

Paul Desmedt, Division Manager, 3Y FR
Paul Desmedt, a 3rd-year veterinary medicine student in the French section, I was the REVER hub representative for the AEMVT-Gaudeamus last year, and I’ll be in charge of the general organization of the event this year.

Mathieu Blin, Division Manager, 4Y FR
My name is Mathieu BLIN, I am 25 years old and I am in my 4th year of Veterinary Medicine in the French section. As one of the founders of the REVER, I’m proud and happy to see it come to Timisoara and to see how it grows each year!

The REVER is an annual event for foreign vet students.
This meeting was created in 2022 and regroups undergraduates from the four Romanian Faculties of Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, and, of course, Timisoara.
It takes place over a long weekend, during which participants compete in a variety of sporting, intellectual, and festive trials. After two editions in Cluj Napoca and in Bucharest the third will be held in our western city in April 2024! This one is currently organized by a team of student members of the AEMVT-Gaudeamus, the association for foreign vet students in Timisoara, with the precious help of the USVT.
Moreover, the theme for this edition will be “The Conquest of the West”, so bring out the cowboy in you!

 summary of the 2023 integration of first veterinary years

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